Why will Social Media add $$$ to the Sale of Your Home?

The Real Estate Dads
The Real Estate Dads
Published on February 24, 2018

How Does Social Media Sells Homes?

The days of real estate agents putting a for sale sign in the yard and kicking back, waiting for buyers to come to them to sell your home have been over for quite some time. Today, the equivalent is putting your listing on internet sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, RedFin, etc. Every agent does this, and some agents will tell you they “market” your home online using the latest technology. The truth is, once an agent lists your home on the local MLS, your home is automatically distributed to the third party sites mentioned above in addition to others. So when an agent touts that they market your home online, it really is just the digital equivalent of putting a for sale sign in your front yard and waiting for buyers to contact them.

So, how do The Real Estate Dads differentiate from the rest? In addition to “traditional marketing” and placing your home on popular online search sites, we utilize social media. Yes, social media is influencing the real estate market and housing sales. More and more buyers are being influenced by social media advertising, video, vlogs, podcasts and blogs. Just think about how much time someone spends checking Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter and a slew of other platforms. The best type of marketing is placed in front of as many eyes as possible, and targeting ads to get in front of people who are most likely in the market for your home. Unlike more traditional forms of online marketing where you passively wait for a buyer to log into a search site to find your home for sale, we take a more active and interactive approach by seeking out the buyer.

Social media marketing is the new “word of mouth” marketing. We have the ability to share your home with potential likely buyers, who share, like and comment so that their friends and family see your home as well. People want to feel connected and experience the personal touch as we live in a time where people want to engage on a more personal level through the use of technology. Home buyers are moving away from a static search site experience. Social media allows us to have authentic and direct interaction with a potential buyer on their terms.

Here are 10 reasons how the Real Estate Dads attract more qualified and vetted buyers to your home through the use of social media:

  1. Pinpoint targeted ads to potential Buyers
  2. Actively seeking out buyers
  3. Millennials – Reaching the largest segment of home buyers (36 years old and younger)
  4. Direct interaction on trusted social media platforms
  5. Interacting with buyers in real time
  6. Bringing your home to where buyers are interacting
  7. Creating a social “buzz” around your home (word of mouth)
  8. Establishing a well trusted brand that leads to more shares and connectivity
  9. Multiple platforms to find the best buyer for you
  10. Open House Announcements